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Restaurant Tips: Chen Long (All you can eat buffet)

Update 2013 - Sorry, this place no longer exists. There is now a Japanese restaurant in the same location.


We just went a couple of days ago to this new all-you-can-eat buffet place located on Wichitsongkram road, just before Central, on the corner of the road to Big C. The place is called "Chen Long Kung Kata". My wife tells me Chen Long is Jackie Chan's name in Thai (well, Chinese I guess). Recommend getting there early! It's only open from 5 - 11pm, and by the time we got there at 5:30 it was busy. When we left a couple of hour later it was heaving!

Entrance to Chen Long

You pay on arrival, 98 Baht per person. This includes all food. Drinks are paid as you go, so when you leave there is no bill to wait for. Find yourselves a table, and then head for the food hall where you find fresh shrimps, mussels and other shells, tables full of pork, salads, noodles, mushrooms, fishcakes, chicken, fruit etc.. Theres a "make your own somtam" bar, free ice cream, and a couple more tables that I'll have to investigate next time! Pile up a plate or two and back to your table where you'll find a cooker - see photo - with soup around the outside and a griddle on top (use some butter so it doesn't burn so much). Cook and eat and repeat. Wash it down with a coke (15 Baht) or Big Chang (65 Baht).

Help yourself to a healthy soup

Then cook it all yourself

Food hall - eat as much as you want!

Fresh seafood

It was Sunday when we were there and I was worried I'd maybe miss the football - not to worry, they have TV's and one area has a big screen TV too. There's a kids play area where my kids had fun on the slide and swings, and the staff are very efficient and friendly. We'll be back.

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