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After a looong wait at Phuket Airport due to long lines at immigration, we picked up my parents this morning. My daughter kept asking "why are they so slow, daddy?". Baby boy started crying and I had to dash back across the car park to get his milk bottle. He then fell asleep in the car on the way home. It's only 25 minutes from our house to the airport. We all squeezed in for the drive, as we had forgotten to take out the baby seat :(

Will have to be a short days work today. Tonight I imagine we'll go out for dinner. I feel a beef salad (Yam Nuea) coming on. Washed down with a cold bottle of suds. Thai Beer is not great, but Chang is decent when served very cold. Compliments the spicy salads very well.

Sunday we plan a trip to Phi Phi. I hope to take lots of photos. I've not been since June last year when I went on a post tsunami assessment to check on hotels and dive centers.

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